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Shades* Herbs Name Botanical Name
Yellow Turmeric/ Tacomo/ Onion Curcuma Longa/ Tecomastans/ Allium cepa
Green Tulasi/ Onion/ Karisalankanni Ocimum Tenuiflorum/Allium cepa/ Eclipta alba
Blue Indigo Indigofera tinctoria
Orange Annatto/ Marigold Bixaceae/ Calendula officinails
Red Kumkum/ Maddar Rubia tinctorum
Kaki Triphala Terminalia bellirica
Pink Sappan Tree/ Maddar Caesalpinia sappan/ Rubia tinctorum
Black Karungali/Ironwater Acacia
Natural White Animal manuares, Soapnut, Fullers earth,Sunlight, Grass etc.
Brown Vettiver/ Velam Vetiveria zizanioides/ Acacia Nilotica
Grey Vembadam Ventilago maderaspatana
Ivory Neem Azadirachta indica
*Shades will vary depending upon herbs (Ratio/ Season/ Climate/ Region etc..)

Are we the best?

We have some strong reasons to believe so. Expertise, experience and dedication are the virtues which help us to be confident in what we do. With an impeccable track record of top-notch service provision and a vast pool of contented customers, Kairali Exports is looking forward to extend its dimension to all parts of the globe. We are highly concerned about your ROI factor and not a single penny you invest on us will go futile.

Kairali Exports

Head office and Showroom

SN Lace Buliding, Balaramapuram, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala - 695501, Tel: 0471 - 2400371, Mob: +91 9387803812 www.kairaliexports.com Kairali Exports

Ayurvedic Herbal Farm and Handloom Center

12/192,Thailampalayam, Olakkovil PO, Nambiyur, Erode - 638 460, Tel: 0421 - 3219777, Mob: +91 9020503812 ayurvastrainfo@gmail.com, contact@ayurvastra.in
Ayurvastra, the name along with it carries a legacy of trust imposed on it by an ever-expanding pool of its satisfied customers. The name Ayurvastra is derived from two words- Ayur (Health) and Vastra (Fabrics). Thus Ayurvastra means Healthy Fabrics.
Showing complete justice to the goodwill earned, people behind this initiative have done everything possible to assure best properties for the fabrics. Proven techniques are implemented and completely authentic dyeing processes are followed. An expert team of workforce is guided by e cient leaders having extensive experience and acquaintance in the related domain. Also the labor force are provided regular trainings to enhance their skills and this always paves way for more perfection in the final products.
These fabrics are completely organic and the raw materials used are certified by concerned authorities. We use cotton, wool, silk, bamboo, coir, linen, jute and hemp etc. The underlying concept of Ayurvastra is that the therapeutic fabric when stays in contact with the skin passes to the body its medicinal merits. This enhances the skin’s potential to resist the invasion of any harmful foreign bodies. Ayurvastra also serves as a green substitute to conventional chemical and natural dyeing. No synthetic & toxic chemicals are used.
One of the main upsides and features of Ayrvastra is that they are primarily hand loomed/hand dyed. This initiative thus avails great job opportunities for handloom weavers ,farmers and artisans, etc. Also we carry out ethical trade.
Each fabric before reaching the market is tested for quality to assure its effectiveness as as a wellness product
Ayurvastra is surely a revolutionary product that is in fact the need of present generation that is getting easily prone to many health issues owing to unfavorable lifestyles.
Benefits of Ayurvastra Fabrics
  • The foremost benefit is that you can be proud of contributing your part towards our "Go Green"motive. All our products maintain environmental friendliness in all possible aspects. Thus by preferring us, your moral obligation towards towards nature earth is also taken care of.
  • Natural fibers like cotton is good for the skin and when it is dyed with natural medicinal rich herbs, the comfort level and soft feel to the skin further enhances.
  • The herbal properties of the clothing provided keep the users in safe zone by creating a barrier to the external environmental toxins.
  • A positive aura and earthy shades remains enveloped to the body thus boosting the confidence of wearer.
  • Eco friendly & sustainable.
  • Fair and ethical trade practice.

Our Products includes

  • Infant and kids wear
  • Boys and girls wear
  • Men and women wear
  • Yoga wears, shawls and scarves
  • Beddings and relax wear
  • Innerwear and leggings
  • And all types of dress materials
Ayurvastra Tour/Awareness Program

Reach us and experience live demo

  • Introduction to ayurvedic dyeing concept
  • Presentation of Ayurvastra success
  • Ayurvedic herbal farm visit
  • Demonstration of ayurvedic dyeing
  • Opportunity in Ayurvastra concept
  • Marketing plans in Ayurvastra
  • Enjoy eco food
This programme is conducted with prior appointment and registration at our Ayurvedic herbal farm and handloom centre.


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