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Can be used for all types of cough except for infected sore throat
Novel action on MAST cells to prevent release of histamines
Additionally builds immunity to fight infection
Does not harm CNS nor cause any drowsiness
Though the syrup is sweeter, they can as well be used by diabetic patients without fear.
It is highly safe, effective and works great on children. Weight 100ml
With Elements Cof-Nil, fighting cold is now much easier. The tonic contains some of the very effective herbs like Vasaka, Tulsi, Banafsha, Kantakari and Yashti that helps in soothing and anti-allergic activities. The tonic is mildly flavoured with mint and helps easing phlegm and reduces coughing to a great extended without causing drowsiness to the user. Additionally, this Ayurvedic Cough syrup is utterly safe to take without causing any side effects and also, keeps you active around the clock despite cold.
Tulsi, Vasaka, Yasthimadhu, Kantkari, Pippali
Adults and Children over 5 years HOW MUCH 2 tsp twice daily or as directed by Physician, Morning and before bedtime or as directed by Physician
Not to be used for Dry infected sore throat Not meant for sever pneumonic conditions or whooping cough and cough due to pulmonary TB If cough persists after one week, please consult physician Not suitable for treatment of dry cough since that is a side effect of anti hypertension medicines. Not to be combined with allopathic remedies for the same symptoms Not suitable for children below 5 years Not suitable for adults over 65 years with other pre existing conditions
Best Before 12 months from Packaging


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