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Revandchini, that's present in Liv a Gain helps in fighting Heptatis B and E, Sluggish Liver, Fatty Liver, Helps in enzyme activity and normalises the function of liver.
For anyone dealing with liver issues, Liv-a'Gain is one of the best capsules you can always turn to. Filled with herbal compounds, Liv-a'Gain are best known for promoting and enhancing the healthy functioning of liver and healthy secretion of liver enzymes. This inturn improves body metabolism. Revanchini, one of the compounds present in the capsule is best known for cleaning liver from Hepatisis B and E Virus.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Sarpunkha, Kasani, Revandchini, Haritaki, Amaltas
All Products of Elements Wellness are 100 %Vegetarian All these products are Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines Elements Wellness products are made from 100 % Natural Actives and do not contain any harmful chemicals All products have been tested for freedom from presence of heavy metals and microbiological content All raw materials in our products conform to API/In-House specifications Many of the herbs used in these products have strong scientific validation through published studies Our products are all safe to use; however in the rare event of any problem due to individual sensitivities/allergies after usage please discontinue and consult with Physician Unless otherwise specified, these products may be consumed immediately after a meal If you are using other drugs for the same ailment, it is best to leave a gap of 2 hours between these products and your regular medication All products herein have been awarded the Ayush Premium Mark given by Quality Council of India Please use regularly as advised to get best results Please consult a Physician as required before use of these products
Not to be recommended for patients with severe liver damage (e.g. cancer of liver, liver transplant, alcohol abuse ) Damaged liver due to chronic diabetes No claim to be made to treat Hepatitis C infection Not to recommended in cases of obstructive jaundice Not to be recommended for those with severe jaundice ( bilirubin levels greater than 10- yellowing of face , forehead and eyes)
Best Before 12 months from Packaging


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