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Any person over 18 years with stressful lifestyle and unhealthy habits
Unique 4 Herb Formula that reduces Stress Hormone levels
Increases levels of Youth Hormone
Works sharply on brain to increase Stress Tolerance Level
Safe for long term use with no side effects
Dealing with stress has certainly become a serious challenge these days. When we are exposed to continuous and brutal stress, our body is put to test constantly our health and performance is affected. Well, of course there is a way to deal with this and the answer is Phyt Stress. This capsule has scientifically studied and proven compounds such as ursolic acid, piperine, cardiosides and withanolides that can deal with stress. These combinations in Phyt Stress helps us to deal with stress and at the same time maintain our health. The capsule as well promotes good sleep, calms mind and builds immunity.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Guduchi, Pippali
12 years and above,1 Capsule, twice daily or as directed by Physician,Preferably with meals; take evening dose at bed time for best results
Works better when incorporated with other measures for stress management This is not a treatment for severe depression, bipolar disorders and anxiety neurosis; consult a doctor This is a product to help improve stress tolerance levels and not cure the diseases resulting from stress ( e.g. cancer, diabetes)
Best Before 12 months from Packaging


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