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  1. Regular Price: Rs 900.00

    Special Price Rs 738.00

    This special pack from Dr. Vaidyas comprises of two of the most reliable
  2. Regular Price: Rs 580.00

    Special Price Rs 475.60

    With Dr. Vaidyas Anti-Hair Fall Pack you can now rest assured of giving your hair all the care and nourishment that they need, that too in the most natural, herbal way possible. This
  3. Regular Price: Rs 1,155.00

    Special Price Rs 947.10

    Dr. Vaidyas Arthritis Health Kit comprises of our revolutionary chronic arthritis products, Sandhivati, Rumox balm and Nirgundi oil (for instant relief) and our highly effective immunity and energy booster, HERBOfit. The pack has been designed to last for 1 month and combines short term as well as a long-term
  4. Regular Price: Rs 1,130.00

    Special Price Rs 926.60

    Dr. Vaidyas Asthma kit is the
  5. Regular Price: Rs 400.00

    Special Price Rs 328.00

    Comprising of liver strengthening capsules, LIVitup! as well as digestive pills Kabaj, the Constipation Pack is designed to last for a month, at the end of which you are bound to feel lighter and healthier than ever before.
  6. Regular Price: Rs 780.00

    Special Price Rs 639.60

    Dr. Vaidyas Cough and Cold kit combines our best medicine for cold and cough, Huff N Kuff Lozenges and Huff N Kuff Syrup that safeguard the body from cough and throat irritation, along with Herbokold Powder, an excellent Ayurvedic medicine for cold. This special health pack is accompanied by our revolutionary immunity and energy booster, HERBOfit, Designed to last for 1 month, this herbal health pack is sure to bring about a positive change in the lives of those suffering from persistent cold and cough!
  7. Regular Price: Rs 980.00

    Special Price Rs 803.60

    In the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern era, all of us indulge in binge eating and follow an unhealthy diet, more often than we should. Then again, our demanding work schedules and social lives are constantly leading to increased stress. All of this often leads to various digestive ailments such as ulcers, hyperacidity, gaseousness, bloating and sometimes even constipation. Thankfully for us, Dr. Vaidyas Digestion Pack has come to the rescue. Comprising of as many as
  8. Regular Price: Rs 775.00

    Special Price Rs 635.50

  9. Regular Price: Rs 835.00

    Special Price Rs 684.70

    Dr. Vaidyas Ayurvedic Home Health Pack is designed to do
  10. Regular Price: Rs 1,350.00

    Special Price Rs 1,107.00

    Migraine is one of the most common reasons for persistent headaches, the intensity of which usually ranges from moderate to severe. Accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, sometimes this ailment can make you nauseated. But not anymore, thanks to Dr. Vaidyas Migraine Pack, which has as many as 3

Per pages

Items 1 to 10 of 49 total

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