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  1. Rs 800.00
    Kairali Ayurvedic product Kairheal is one of the unique products that can be used for bone setting, sprains, joint pains and burn wounds. The ingredients use in this oil give you a long term relief in bone related pains. Effective for Fractures Fracture of a bone can occur at any time to anybody, during a fall, or an accident, and at times due to osteoporosis, and bone cancer. Whatever the case, it requires immediate attention. The Ayurvedic term for fracture is Bhagna. Kairali Ayurveda offers effective treatment for rejoining bones and restoring them to their original form and strength. Kairheal Oil by Kairali has vital role in bone setting for fractures. Effective for sprains Muscle strain is painful and it can happen to anyone irrespective of age and gender. Any injury to elbows, knees, wrists, ankle leads to muscle sprains. The muscle get swelling and it causes pain. It can also happen due to inflammation of muscles. Many times, the pain in the muscles can happen due to broken bones. In this case, Kairali has the solution for this i.e. Kairheal. Once you massage the affected area with Kairheal, It gives a long term effect and improves the movement of the joints.
  2. Regular Price: Rs 2,100.00

    Special Price Rs 1,722.00

    Kairbossom is Kairali Ayurvedic Breast Massage Oil which stimulates the growth of new breast tissues so as to strengthen and tone the breast muscles. This breast oil rehydrates the skin and builds up collagen and elastin, which provide firm shape to the breasts. Kairbossom is an effective oil for breast enlargement, helps beautify underdeveloped breasts and also prevents the breasts from sagging. The Breast Massage oil allows the fats and hormones to be absorbed by the breast tissues for proper formation. Kairbossom is breast massage oil for all those women who have sagging or underdeveloped breasts. Made from ayurvedic herbs and natural extracts, this breast oil strengthens and tones the breast muscles and stimulates the tissues to grow. It nourishes the breasts and rejuvenates the fat cells so as to enhance the bustline. Kairbossom boosts the Pectoral Ligaments which define the breast shape and makes them stronger and elastic. This Ayurvedic breast massage oil is the perfect remedy for sagging breasts and rids women of this malady in a few weeks of continuous usage. An increase of 1/2 to 1 cup size has been noticed which also beautifies the entire persona of the women. This breast oil comes with Kairali quality assurance.
  3. Regular Price: Rs 260.00

    Special Price Rs 208.00

    Ayurvedic Medicine for Aches and Stress
  4. Regular Price: Rs 55.00

    Special Price Rs 44.00

    Ayurvedic Medicine for Aches and Stress
  5. Rs 95.00
    Ayurvedic Medicine for reducing swelling and inflammation
  6. Regular Price: Rs 55.00

    Special Price Rs 44.00

    Ayurvedic Medicine for healthy Stomach
  7. Regular Price: Rs 305.00

    Special Price Rs 251.00

    The Moisturizing Lotion has outstanding humectants and moisturizing properties to keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic while maintaining the skin
  8. Regular Price: Rs 85.00

    Special Price Rs 68.00

    Also known as Haridrakhand or Haridra Khanda, the name Haridrakandam finds its origin in its main ingredient, Haridra or turmeric. Turmeric has been proven to be one of the best remedies for treating urticaria, which is sometimes caused by an allergic reaction to a particular food. Urticaria or Shita-pitta, as it is known in Ayurveda, may appear due to many reasons
    Out of stock
  9. Regular Price: Rs 75.00

    Special Price Rs 60.00

    Ayurvedic Medicine for Skin diseases
  10. Regular Price: Rs 80.00

    Special Price Rs 64.00

    Ayurvedic Medicine for Skin problems

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