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For the Herbal health

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  1. Regular Price: Rs 35.00

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    Sparub is an ayurvedic pain relief balm, useful in reducing the muscle inflammation and the joint pain. This ayurvedic pain balm helps in balancing the blood circulation and reducing the inflammation. Inflammation can be caused by building up of toxins under the skin and this ointment for muscle pain helps in getting rid of them. When this best pain relief gel is applied to the inflamed area, the massage action relaxes the muscles in that area and gives a cool sensation, indicating that the toxins are getting removed. Sparub from Kairali Ayurvedic Products Pvt. Ltd. is a pain relieving balm that is used for the muscles and joint pain. This Ayurvedic pain balm improves blood circulation by activating the blood cells in the region. Inflammation is mostly caused by the toxins build up under the skin, and the Sparub pain relief gel, when applied on the skin reaches into the different layers of the skin and removes the toxin by dissolving them. The herbal components in this ointment for muscle pain have anti-inflammatory properties. The Sparub gel also helps in improving circulation at places where the blood flow seems to very low. No skin rashes or any allergies occur when the balm is used on the skin. The pain relieving balm makes sure that the toxins are completely removed from the body. Sparub also removes the stress that is caused by the nerves that are connected to the muscular area. This pain relief balm also relieves nerve pain like sciatica.
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  2. Regular Price: Rs 305.00

    Special Price Rs 251.00

    The Moisturizing Lotion has outstanding humectants and moisturizing properties to keep the skin smooth, soft and elastic while maintaining the skin

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