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For the Herbal health

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  1. Regular Price: Rs 760.00

    Special Price Rs 722.00

    It acts on TRC to regulate body temperature. Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Formula (E.G. COLD, FLU WITH FEVER) Boosts Immunity for faster healing and resistance against future infections Promotes liver function while fighting fever No side effects like contemporary drugs Adverse events of toxaemia to liver reported for Paracetamol
  2. Regular Price: Rs 685.00

    Special Price Rs 650.75

    Promotes excretion of toxins from body in safe, yet powerful manner. Action on multiple organs like stomach, kidney, intestine, pancreas, liver, heart. Works on endocrine glands and builds immunity. Powerful internal cleanser- can be used regularly for upto 4-6 months. Its action helps you feel more energetic and younger. Excretes unmetabolised compounds at cellular level. Removes lactic acid in muscles (lactic acid leads to muscular pain and cramps). Removes excess sugar accumulation by increasing pancreatic activity. Modulates kidney function (prevent sodium accumulation that causes swelling and oedema in legs). Helps neutralise effects of habits like tobacco consumption.
  3. Regular Price: Rs 650.00

    Special Price Rs 617.50

    To reverse anaemia: a condition that makes a person ill, unable to do day to day course properly, lack of energy, breathlessness, pale skin, feeling tired, improper working of mind and brain: due to lack of or low level of haemoglobin in the body. 60 Capsule.
  4. Regular Price: Rs 720.00

    Special Price Rs 684.00

    Rightly called as Nitya Rasayana (Daily Rejuvenator), Elements Triphala Plus is specially triturated with Triphala quath to provide extra potency and anti-oxidant availability. 60 Capsule.
  5. Regular Price: Rs 700.00

    Special Price Rs 665.00

    Revandchini, that's present in Liv a Gain helps in fighting Heptatis B and E, Sluggish Liver, Fatty Liver, Helps in enzyme activity and normalises the function of liver.
  6. Regular Price: Rs 920.00

    Special Price Rs 874.00

    Aids anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic action Promotes excretion of toxins to reduce pain No side effects like liver damage and gastric problems Does not damage any organs but actually helps build immunity and kidney functions 100 % AS EFFECTIVE, 200% SAFE MUST use in combination with No Vedana Gel
  7. Regular Price: Rs 775.00

    Special Price Rs 737.00

    Any person over 18 years with stressful lifestyle and unhealthy habits Unique 4 Herb Formula that reduces Stress Hormone levels Increases levels of Youth Hormone Works sharply on brain to increase Stress Tolerance Level Safe for long term use with no side effects
  8. Regular Price: Rs 650.00

    Special Price Rs 618.00

    This modern formulation combines the use of carefully chosen ingredients with a scientific process to deliver superior results. Arjuna's cardio tonic properties are known in Ayurveda for centuries and validated by today's scientific tools. Uniquely combined with Pushkarmool and specially processed Fenugreek, Elements Well Hart is designed to provide lipid profile management and reduction of elevated triglycerides. This formula incorporates a special Bhavna processing step involving Munakka, Shatavari and Guduchi that potentiates the benefit of these herbs.
  9. Regular Price: Rs 258.00

    Special Price Rs 212.00

    Kairali Ayurvedic formula for hypertension, Cardospa is prepared with natural ingredients and helps to normalize blood pressure and associated symptoms. This herbal remedy to control blood pressure works effectively by maintaining the blood pressure level. The ingredients used in this medicine gives a long term relief for high blood pressure. What is Hypertension? Various scientists have defined hypertension in various ways, here is very simple definition to what hypertension is: High Blood Pressure, a medical condition in which constricted arterial blood vessels increase the resistance to blood flow, causing an increase in blood pressure against vessel walls. Simply put, as common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high. Cardospa, the time-tested medicine for controlling hypertension and other common ailments related to the hypertension. The ingredients used in the medicine are focused in controlling the high blood pressure and it gives a long-term treatment for high blood pressure. The Ingredients used in the medicines are: Rauwolfia serpentina Sarpagandha - 75 mg Contains non-isolated and naturally balancing total alkaloids used in the long-term treatment of HBP Reduces tachycardia, and thyrotoxicosis Boerhaavia Diffusa Punarnama-125 mg it relieves stress and anxiety It has diuretic and Ca2+ channel blocking activity Tribulus terrestris Gokshura
  10. Regular Price: Rs 270.00

    Special Price Rs 222.00

    Lipidex, is one of the most effective Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss from the house of Kairali. These ayurvedic slimming capsules help in weight loss by boosting the thyroid glands and removing toxins and fat from the body. Lipidex Weight Loss Capsules open the minute micro-channels in the body and lets it absorb the maximum nutrients from the food consumed. It also helps in curbing excessive hunger pangs, assisting with weight loss. Ayurveda is known to be a treasure cove of health remedies and offers wonderful cures. These Ayurvedic slimming capsules are one of the most effective herbal products for weight loss and have proven to deliver the best results for weight loss when teamed with a healthy lifestyle. Lipidex, is made of herbs and natural extracts and are highly effective Ayurvedic Slimming Capsules which assist in weight loss by organically improving the digestion process and eliminating toxins from the body. As one of the most effective herbal remedies for weight loss, Lipidex Weight Loss Capsules also open the minute micro-channels in the body so that nutrients can be absorbed properly and the body is thoroughly nourished. This herbal product for weight loss also helps in curbing excessive hunger pangs and thereby reducing the intake of food in the most natural way. This Natural and Ayurvedic weight Loss Capsule prevent lipid accumulation in the body and help with healthy living. Lipidex also helps in correcting iron deficiency, relieves muscular weakness and combats bulging abdomen in men and women both. Lipidex has no drug interaction and has a very convenient dosage schedule. The capsules have no side effects and do not require any form of dieting.

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