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For the Herbal health

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  1. Rs 120.00
    Arthorex pain relief oil is an excellent ayurvedic oil which is blended with Rasna, Erandamul, Debdaru, Berela, Aswagandha, Jalamansi, Halud, and Til Oil. It helps in relieving Joint Pains, Muscle Pains, Arthritic Pains, Fibromyalgia Pain, Pain due to Soreness and Fatigue. Weight: 60ml
  2. Regular Price: Rs 500.00

    Special Price Rs 445.00

    Experience the magic of Indian Ayurveda. 30% lesser CORTISOL, 0% stress, better SLEEP, and 100% confidence
  3. Regular Price: Rs 500.00

    Special Price Rs 445.00

    Made from Ashwagandha using the traditional Ayurvedic milk extraction method, Hanu is clinically proven to help in strength enhancement, stress management and as a natural testosterone booster.
  4. Regular Price: Rs 1,100.00

    Special Price Rs 1,045.00

    Rich in vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, essential fatty acids such as omega 6 and omega 3, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus. - Acts as an effective moisturizer - Boosts immunity - Maintains healthy hair - Hemp Oil regenerates and energizes the skin - For External Use only - This is not an edible oil
    Out of stock
  5. Regular Price: Rs 500.00

    Special Price Rs 445.00

    100 % Natural PMS, PCOS/PCOD, Thyroid, Menstrual pain and cramps relieving supplement. Enhanced with milk reduced handpicked Ashwagandha roots.
    Out of stock
  6. Rs 294.00
    Kairali Ayurvedic formula for hypertension, Cardospa is prepared with natural ingredients and helps to normalize blood pressure and associated symptoms. This herbal remedy to control blood pressure works effectively by maintaining the blood pressure level. The ingredients used in this medicine gives a long term relief for high blood pressure. What is Hypertension? Various scientists have defined hypertension in various ways, here is very simple definition to what hypertension is: High Blood Pressure, a medical condition in which constricted arterial blood vessels increase the resistance to blood flow, causing an increase in blood pressure against vessel walls. Simply put, as common disorder in which blood pressure remains abnormally high. Cardospa, the time-tested medicine for controlling hypertension and other common ailments related to the hypertension. The ingredients used in the medicine are focused in controlling the high blood pressure and it gives a long-term treatment for high blood pressure. The Ingredients used in the medicines are: Rauwolfia serpentina Sarpagandha - 75 mg Contains non-isolated and naturally balancing total alkaloids used in the long-term treatment of HBP Reduces tachycardia, and thyrotoxicosis Boerhaavia Diffusa Punarnama-125 mg it relieves stress and anxiety It has diuretic and Ca2+ channel blocking activity Tribulus terrestris Gokshura
  7. Regular Price: Rs 2,100.00

    Special Price Rs 1,722.00

    Kairbossom is Kairali Ayurvedic Breast Massage Oil which stimulates the growth of new breast tissues so as to strengthen and tone the breast muscles. This breast oil rehydrates the skin and builds up collagen and elastin, which provide firm shape to the breasts. Kairbossom is an effective oil for breast enlargement, helps beautify underdeveloped breasts and also prevents the breasts from sagging. The Breast Massage oil allows the fats and hormones to be absorbed by the breast tissues for proper formation. Kairbossom is breast massage oil for all those women who have sagging or underdeveloped breasts. Made from ayurvedic herbs and natural extracts, this breast oil strengthens and tones the breast muscles and stimulates the tissues to grow. It nourishes the breasts and rejuvenates the fat cells so as to enhance the bustline. Kairbossom boosts the Pectoral Ligaments which define the breast shape and makes them stronger and elastic. This Ayurvedic breast massage oil is the perfect remedy for sagging breasts and rids women of this malady in a few weeks of continuous usage. An increase of 1/2 to 1 cup size has been noticed which also beautifies the entire persona of the women. This breast oil comes with Kairali quality assurance.
  8. Rs 800.00
    Kairali Ayurvedic product Kairheal is one of the unique products that can be used for bone setting, sprains, joint pains and burn wounds. The ingredients use in this oil give you a long term relief in bone related pains. Effective for Fractures Fracture of a bone can occur at any time to anybody, during a fall, or an accident, and at times due to osteoporosis, and bone cancer. Whatever the case, it requires immediate attention. The Ayurvedic term for fracture is Bhagna. Kairali Ayurveda offers effective treatment for rejoining bones and restoring them to their original form and strength. Kairheal Oil by Kairali has vital role in bone setting for fractures. Effective for sprains Muscle strain is painful and it can happen to anyone irrespective of age and gender. Any injury to elbows, knees, wrists, ankle leads to muscle sprains. The muscle get swelling and it causes pain. It can also happen due to inflammation of muscles. Many times, the pain in the muscles can happen due to broken bones. In this case, Kairali has the solution for this i.e. Kairheal. Once you massage the affected area with Kairheal, It gives a long term effect and improves the movement of the joints.
  9. Regular Price: Rs 975.00

    Special Price Rs 800.00

    Ayurvedic Health Care is a 5000 years old Indian System of Health Science with a complete holistic approach to well
  10. Regular Price: Rs 1,250.00

    Special Price Rs 1,025.00

    Kairkare Plus is a unique, multi-functional product. Apart from being a fast, effective and gentle pain relief oil, this product has been found to be very effective in the treatment of arthritis, spondylitis, back pains, frozen shoulders, sciatica pains, and muscular spasms. Kairkare Plus is ayurvedic oil with natural extracts of herbs & that have the ability to penetrate deep into the affected areas to heal the symptoms. Kairkare Plus is a unique, ayurvedic product. Apart from being a fast, effective and gentle pain relief oil, this product has been found to be very effective in the treatment of spondylitis, back pains, frozen shoulders, sciatica pains, and muscular spasms. Kairkare Plus is an ayurvedic oil with extracts of herbs that have the ability to penetrate deep into the affected areas to heal the symptoms .Kairkare Plus was created especially for the purpose of relief pains and aches. Excellent for therapeutic massage, Kairkare Plus is a soothing, and gentle way to relief exhausted and fatigued muscles. Kairkare Plus is developed from 100% natural botanical ingredients, which are devoid of synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives or other harmful chemicals. Kairali KairkarePlus pain relief oil is the solution for the effective relief from, backache, muscular and joint pain . The herbs in Kairkare Plus are famous for their use as anti-inflammatory and pain relief agents. Kairkare Plus, the anti inflammatoryayurvedic oil not only provides instant relief, but strengthens the bone tissues, the skeletal and the neuromuscular systems, allowing for the comfortable movement of joints and muscles. Kairkare Plus oil penetrates the body tissue faster than any other oil/ ointment because of its strong anti inflammatory actions.

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Items 1 to 10 of 33 total

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