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Ayurvedic Medicine for reducing swelling and inflammation
Jatamayadi Choornam is a mix of eight effective herbs. It helps in reducingSwelling and Inflammation, thereby curing Gout (Vatarakta / Vatashonita), Rheumatoid Arthritis (Amavata) and Rheumatic diseases. It also helps in balancing the three doshas in the body.Being an organic product, it poses no side-effects.It is not to be consumed directly.It is in a powdered form and is applied externally. It should be mixed with a suitable liquid before applying and massaging it over a desired area. It should be consumed within six months and should be stored away from moisture in an airtight container. Choornam is a fine mixture of various herbs which is either applied externally or consumed directly. Jatamayadi Choornam falls in the former category. It is most beneficial in relieving joint pain when applied to the affected area. It also relieves burning sensation from the area. It made in accordance withthe ayurvedic traditions of Kerela. There are no side effects of this Choornam. Jatamayadi Choornam has a fairly simple list of ingredients which are conveniently mixed in equal quantities. These herbal powders are Brahmi
Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatic diseases
As directed by the Physician
To be taken under medical supervision Keep in cool and dry place
Expiry is 3 years from the date of Manufacturing


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