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‘Kavach’ means Shield ‘Prash’ means food hence Kavach Prash is a shield for your body from everyday unseen enemies like microbes, stress etc. that could harm your health.
For anyone dealing with compromise immunity, it is a tonic you can always turn to. Filled with herbal compounds, which are best known for promoting and enhancing the healthy functioning of the body.
Helps build physical stamina and mental strength. Provides energy and aids better digestion and appetite. Protection against every day wear & tear of the body. Specialist for children. Builds back concentration and improves productivity. Rejuvenates all tissues in the body. Support healthy immune system and encourages elimination of toxins from the body. Supports overall strength and energy. Promotes muscle mass. Builds ojas for supporting a healthy immune response and youthfulness. Supports healthy function of the heart and respiratory systems. Tonifies the reproductive system. Kindles agni (digestive fire). Gently encourages elimination Supports optimal urinary health
Ingredients Amla, Bala, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Bilva, Nagkesar etc.
1 tsf full twice daily for Children (6-18 years), 2 tsf twice daily for adults, or as directed by Physician
Best Before 12 months from Packaging


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