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    Kairali is an acclaimed ayurvedic brand which offers Kaircin brand of Ayurvedic facial oil. Kaircin facial oil helps to restore the natural glow of the facial skin. It is a product which can be applied directly to the face. This ayurvedic oil for the face can also be used along with a face pack or an ayurvedic facial. This increases the effectiveness of this ayurvedic facial oil and also makes it easy to use. Kaircin contains potent herbal and natural ingredients and it is therefore highly beneficial for your skin. Kairali is an established Ayurvedic brand offering a broad range of herbal products for the face. A reputed, trustworthy and popular brand, Kairali, now brings a unique ayurvedic oil for face. This ayurvedic facial oil is composed of quality natural ingredients ( saffron and lotus extracts) which nourish your skin and gives radiant and youthful skin. The oil promises to restore your youthful glow. It is a face oil that can be used before going to bed and by anyone and gives visible effects with regular usage. This ayurvedic oil for face will enhance your look with daily usage. This product also acts an anti-ageing product. It helps slow down the visible effects of aging as the oil nourishes the skin and makes it radiant.

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