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Hair Care

Hair problem Solution

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    Kairoil from Kairali is a great solution to all hair problems whether it be dandruff, dry scalp, itchiness or hair fall. Secret herbs and natural ingredients are infused together to form this ayurvedic oil for hair which is potent and efficient and gives remarkable results with regular usage. This oil for hair fall moisturizes the scalp and provides essential nutrients so as to eliminate dandruff and strengthen the roots. It also prevents premature graying of the hair and helps the hair to become thick and lustrous. Kairoil, the ayurvedic hair oil from the house of Kairali, is naturally formulated using herbs and their extracts which are beneficial for the hair. This anti hair fall oil reverses the effects of dry scalp and moisturizes it, so as to eliminate any dandruff, dryness, and hair fall. This ayurvedic oil for hair also conditions the hair strands which keep the hair nourished from root to tip. It keeps the hair deep-rooted and increases the tensile strength of the strands. Bringing in the goodness of the natural herbs, Kairoil strengthens the roots and promotes strong and lustrous hair, accentuating the beauty of the person. It smoothens the hair strands and makes them shine. Regular application of Kairoil also prevents baldness and any further damage to the hair strands.
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    Natural remedy for hair loss , and graying of hair. Weight 100ml
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