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Skin Care

For the skin care

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  1. Regular Price: Rs 300.00

    Special Price Rs 285.00

    This rich, creamy body butter helps to repair dry and dehydrated skin with 24 hour moisture on your skin while leaving you feeling perfectly pampered with the deep and beautiful scent of body butter.100gm
  2. Regular Price: Rs 315.00

    Special Price Rs 300.00

    Instant Fairness has always been on vogue and these days even men are delighted to have fairer skin complexion! This Multi Action Fairness Cream offers instant fairness glow and the multivitamins present in it rejuvenates skin. Since the cream has ample mineral complex, it enhances and stimulates cell growth leaving skin smooth and fair. On the other hand, the cream as well moistens the skin and prevents it from losing its moisture. For best results, one must massage the cream on face and neck every day. Weight 100gm

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2 Item(s)


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