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Price: 790/meter Width: 55 - 60 GSM: 80
Herbs Name: Animal manuares, Soapnut, Fullers earth, Sunlight, Grass etc. Botanical Name: Animal manuares, Soapnut, Fullers earth, Sunlight, Grass etc. The name Ayurvastra is derived from two words- Ayur (Health) and Vastra (Fabrics). Thus Ayurvastra means Healthy Fabrics.
These fabrics are completely organic and the raw materials used are certied by concerned authorities. The underlying concept of Ayurvastra is that the therapeutic fabric when stays in contact with the skin passes to the body its medicinal merits. This enhances the skin potential to resist the invasion of any harmful foreign bodies. Ayurvastra also serves as a green substitute to conventional chemical and natural dyeing. No synthetic and toxic chemicals are used. Ayurvastra is surely a revolutionary product that is in fact the need of present generation that is getting easily prone to many health issues owing to unfavorable lifestyles.
NOTE: Shades will vary depending upon herbs (Ratio/ Season/ Climate/ Region etc..)


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