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Diuretic and effective in renal calculus. Weight 10X10
Please find the details of Nilstone Generally used to treat Urinary tract stones. Helps in curing renal stones and gall bladder stones, with prolonged usage for stones upto 5 mm However, for stone of 15 mm, usually it is removed by surgical method. Only with Nilstone or any other tablet, the removal is not possible, as the size is quite big. Nilstone can be used as a support in such cases. Benefits of this tablet:- increases Urine flow and ejects the stone out through urine which is below 5 mm. Dosage :- 2 tablets thrice daily or as directed by a medical practitioner Advise :- Along with the tablet, drink plenty of liquids, preferably water boiled with Barley or Gokshura (njeringil) If the stone is of Calcium phosphate, please avoid leafy vegetables including cabbage.
Effective in renal calculus
1 -2 tablets 2 -3 times a day, preferably mixed or followed by prescribed decoctions
Medicine should be kept away from children, It is always recommended to use medicines as advised by the physician.
3 Years


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