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Sitaram Allerkhand Choornam 50gms, Herbal Ayurvedic Preparation Boosts Immunity with Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Histaminic Action of Curcumin
This versatile Immunity booster brings together the potent clinically proven anti-inflammatory & anti-histaminic action of Curcumin or Indian Turmeric with a choice list of ingredients. Indian gooseberry, Myrobalan, Tropical almond, Nut grass and Caltrop are excellent immunomodulators, equipping the body against recurrent cold, flu and infections, while keeping allergic reactions at bay. Indian ginger, black pepper, long pepper, white flowered embelia and cinammon have been chosen for their established action in balancing the Kapha dosha (phlegm). These ingredients come together in a soothing base of milk, ghee and cane sugar, compounded into different dosage forms making it highly palatable for all ages. Calcined ferrous sulphate, a safe heamatinic, is yet another ingredient in this combination, that effectively caters to the daily iron requirement, and maintains healthy heame levels. Excess mucus production and respiractory tract congestion is remedied by these drugs. They prime up the digestive process, facilitate absorption and nourishment and keeps healthy metabolism in check. Readily indicated for consumption on a long term basis, it effectively overcomes chronic allergy disorder and immunity deficit in kids and adults alike.
Preventing And Managing All Types Of Allergy Allergic Respiratory Disorders- Allergic Rhinitis, Eosinophilia, Asthma Etc. Allergic Skin Diseases- Eczema, Urticaria Prevents Recurrent Infections, Tonsillitis, Migraine And Sinusitis
Dosage: 5g- 10g three times a day with honey or milk or as directed by the physican. For internal use only
Medicine should be kept away from children
3 Years


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