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Sesame oil based prepatation advised for the treatment of rheumatic complaints, non-inflammatory arthritic complaints, joint weakness and instability.
Supportive treatment for neural deficit, muscle wasting and loss of muscle tone
Religiously used in Pre and Post natal care.
Sitaram Dhanwantaram Thailam 200ml Sesame Based Ayurvedic Oil for Relief from Rheumatic Complaints, Non-Inflammatory Arthritic Complaints, Joint Weakness and Instability.
Sesamum indicum Ricinus communis Sida cordifolia Hordeum vulgare Ziziphus mauritiana Macrotyloma uniflorum Milk Cedrus deodara Ribia cordifolia Santalum album Hemidesmus indicus Saussurea lappa Valeriana wallichi Rock salt Parmelia perlata Acorus calamus Boerhavia diffusa Withanias omnifera Asparagus racemosus Glycyrrhiza glabra Terminalia chebula Emblica officinalis Terminalia bellerica Commiphora myrha Anethum graveolens Vigna radiata Dysolobium pilosum Cinnamomum verum Elettaria cardamomum Cinnamomum tamala Aeglemarmelos Premna integrifolia Oroxylum indicum Stereospermum sauveolens Gmelina arborea Desmodium gangeticum Pseudarthria viscida Solanum anguivi Solanum virginianum Tribullus terrestris Pueraria tuberosa Withania somnifera Sesamum indicum
For External use only
Medicine should be kept away from children, It is always recommended to use medicines as advised by the physician.
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